Stock Feeds

As a result of our determination to ensure we produce quality products for the market, we felt it was necessary to control as much of the production process as possible, to eliminate any risk or reliance on other suppliers to provide inputs that meet our stringent quality standards. As a result, Mutanda Farms produces a range of specially formulated stock feeds in-house, for use in our operations, this includes specialised layer feed, game feed and livestock feeds for cattle and goats.

Our feeds are specially formulated, taking into account the nutritional needs of the animals we are feeding, while also ensuring we are feeding them in an economical and productive manner. We utilise only the finest quality inputs and this reflects in the quality of the product we produce and provide to the market.

As our operations have grown, we have been able to test the quality of our feeds and have seen first hand, the difference the superior quality feeds have had on our animals’ productivity, fertility and conversion rates. These improvements and our belief in our products, has led to us offering the market small amounts of our stock feeds.

We currently provide feeds to a variety of customers including livestock farmers and game ranchers.

The different feeds have been received well and we are excited about growing this sector of our operation and making our stock feeds more available to the market on a national scale.

Our feeds are produced in a modern facility, utilising modern equipment, advanced practices and only the best inputs to ensure we provide a product of superior quality.
We utilise the stock feeds produced in our facility, in all of our own operations and are able to guarantee the quality and benefit of the feeds to the animals they are feeding.