The locations and diversity of our agricultural properties allows us to maximize on their potential, making a substantial contribution to the Zambian agricultural sector.

Kalumbila Farm - Solwezi

The first agricultural development in the Mutanda Farms portfolio, and headquarters of the group. Development of our Kalumbila Farm was started in 2013 as a greenfield project, and this operation has subsequently developed into the largest and most diverse in our portfolio, playing host to our egg production facilities, maize and stockfeed mills and a large wildlife conservancy. The production facilities currently in place, are complemented by modern grain storage and handling facilities with a capacity of 32 000 tons at any one time, work-shops, bulk fuel storage facilities, storage sheds and a plethora of additional supporting infrastructure, allowing us to maintain a modern, efficient operation, which is managed to the highest standards. 

Our Kalumbila Farm is strategically located in the North-Western province of Zambia and allows us to access local and regional markets with ease, while also encouraging further agricultural development in the province and serving as a major employer and buyer of locally produced inputs.

Kalilo Farm - Chingola

The second development in the Mutanda Farms portfolio, our Kalilo Farm was founded in 2019 and is centered around the production of chickens for the local and regional markets. This modern, highly advanced operation, employs the latest technologies, to produce chickens of a world-class quality. Utilizing modern, industry-leading technology and an effective, scientifically based management approach, implemented by a skilled team, this relatively new development is fast establishing itself as one of the premier chicken production operations in the country today.

While poultry production forms the mainstay of our Kalilo Farm operations, the property also plays host to a vibrant and expanding Boran Stud herd and a wildlife conservation programme, which has seen a plethora of wildlife species reintroduced to the property.

Machiya Estate – Mpongwe

The first Mutanda Farms development in the Mpongwe district, this centrally located property was purchased and developed with a primary focus on cropping and livestock production. Set along the banks of Zambia’s second largest waterway, the Kafue River, this property is ideally positioned for the production of a wide array of row-crops, including Soya Beans, Wheat and Maize. With 500 hectares of center-pivot irrigation currently in place, and ample room for expansion, this property has the ability to contribute substantially to the provision of a number of crops, required in the production of our products.

Our livestock operations are also based on the property, and include both cattle and small stock divisions, with stud breeding and commercial production at the core of what we do. Our stud breeding programmes, are complemented by large, productive commercial herds, where we utilize bulls produced by our studs, to produce efficient weaners, which are fattened in our feedlot. Further to this, our small stock studs, produce genetically superior breeding stock for the local markets, allowing local farmers increased access to better quality breeding animals, to use in their flocks.

This modern, carefully planned development is well positioned to capitalize on the future potential of the Zambian agricultural sector, and we are privileged to own and operate what is an exciting development in the heart of the Mpongwe Farm Block.

Grasslands Farm – Mpongwe

A property with exciting potential for future development, strategically located in close proximity to the Machiya Estate, as well as maintaining a substantial stretch of river frontage, this property offers increased grazing capacity for our livestock and is also located in a prime location to allow for further growth and expansion of the existing operations on the Machiya Estate. 

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