Our cropping operations are based primarily on the Machiya Estate in Mpongwe, where we focus on the production of soya beans, wheat and a variety of other crops. Our cropping operation centers around the production of irrigated winter wheat, with soya-beans, and other crops being produced in the summer season.

A modern, scientifically guided approach, which considers the necessity to balance our needs, with those of nature, allows us to better manage our soils and ensure our farming activities minimize negative impact on nature and promote increased bio-diversity in and around our arable lands. Regenerative methods, and the combination of livestock impact, cover-cropping and planned rotation, ensure our soils are healthy, vibrant and productive.

With 660 hectares of center-pivot irrigation currently in place on our properties and substantial potential for further development, this segment of our business offers an exciting opportunity for future growth and expansion, producing part of the input requirements for our mills and contributing to the overall food-security of the country.

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