Maize Meal – Breakfast

Mealie Meal

Mutanda Milling Ltd produces Breakfast meal of an industry leading, high standard.

Our product is well known all over Zambia and is mainly distributed in the Copperbelt and North Western provinces of Zambia. Thanks to our well-maintained modern fleet of trucks, we are able to deliver the product in a timely manner, to ensure maximum freshness for our customers.

We currently have a selection of 25kg and 10kg bags to suit our customers needs and we ensure the utmost is done to maintain the quality of our product, from production to delivery.

Our maize is carefully selected and sourced locally, when not produced in house. Our purchasing strategy ensures we have access to maize of the highest quality and this combined with our advanced storage, production equipment and processes and distribution, ensures we provide our customers with the finest quality breakfast meal on the market.

We operate in a well organised, modern and hygienic environment and ensure we are consistently compliant with the standards and requirements of both the ZCSA (Zambia Compulsory Standard Authority) and the ZABS (Zambia Bureau of Standards).

Our breakfast meal is of the highest quality and we are proud of our offering to the market!

Our maize is sourced both in-house and from local farmers. To ensure our quality standards are met, we utilise an advanced procurement strategy and only purchase the best quality maize available.
Our maize is stored carefully to ensure quality and freshness in the final product.
Meticulous record keeping and advanced production techniques ensure the quality and freshness of our product.
Our packaging is distinctive and of the highest quality, ensuring our quality product reaches our customers fresh.
Our maize is distributed country-wide by a modern fleet of trucks.


Laying cages

Our poultry division is centred around the production of high-quality eggs.

With daily production exceeding 180 000 eggs currently, Mutanda Farms is one of Zambia’s largest producers and by utilising industry leading technology and a progressive, modern approach, we are producing eggs of the highest standard. The quality and freshness of our eggs is widely recognised and attracts customers and resellers, from all around the country.

In order to guarantee full control of the quality of our product, Mutanda Farms sources the best possible raw materials, which are utilised to produce our feeds, all in house. Two of the major components of our feeds are maize bran and low-fat soya. Our maize bran, which is produced in house, as a by-product of our maize meal production, originates from rigorously selected, locally sourced or internally produced, maize, while the low-fat soya we utilise, is mechanically extracted in our soya plant and comes from locally produced and sourced, high quality beans.

We employ a skilled team, led by qualified professionals, which guarantees us above average production performance and a quality product for our customers and the end consumer. We are constantly evolving to improve our products and performance and utilise the knowledge and expertise of a number of internationally acclaimed advisors to improve our product quality and on-farm productivity, while also limiting the potential negative impacts of disease and negative fluctuations in our production.

We pride ourselves on maintaining strong bio-security and safety in our operations, and maintain a strong record in both aspects. We place a great deal of attention on continually improving our bio-security measures and this has allowed us to ensure we are producing eggs of the highest quality and freshness, whilst maintaining the health and wellbeing of our chickens.

Our eggs are marketed and distributed under the King Eggs brand and are currently available throughout the majority of the North-Western and Copperbelt provinces of Zambia.

One of our climate-controlled rearing houses.m By putting in place stringent controls and monitoring the growth and efficiency of our birds, we are ensuring we produce only the best possible products.
We are focused on ensuring the health and wellbeing of our flocks, to maximise their production potential and the quality of the eggs they produce.
We aim to produce eggs of good uniformity and quality, which conform to the highest industry standards.
Our well-skilled team is led by qualified, industry leading professionals, and we are proud of the contribution they make to producing the highest quality products for our customers.
Careful handling and packaging of our eggs, combined with an effective logistics division, ensures we provide our customers with quality eggs, across the region.
We maintain well-kept records and ensure only the freshest eggs are distributed from our main distribution facility on Mutanda Farms.
To ensure the utmost customer service and safe delivery of our products, our logistics division operates modern vehicles, to ensure our products reach their destination fresh and in good time.