Maize Bran and Soya Cake

Maize Bran

The maize bran produced by Mutanda Milling, is a good quality by-product of our maize meal preparation. Quality is guaranteed by the prime maize utilised in the production process, along with the high standard of our milling plant and by the vast experience of our millers. Our Maize Bran is produced daily and it generally remains in stock for no more than 3 or 4 days, assuring freshness and preventing contamination. It is largely used internally for the production of our stock feeds, but our current production allows us a discrete over-production, that can be made available to the market.

Our major customers include a variety of organisations, including dairy farmers and game ranchers, based in different regions of Zambia.

Low Fat Soya

In order to better control the quality of the Low Fat Soya used in our feeds, we decided, a couple of years ago, to internalise the process of mechanical extraction of the oil from our locally sourced soya beans. 

The decision proved to be winning one and the Low Fat Soya (LFS – ME) produced is of excellent quality and always fresh. 

As a by-product, we are currently also producing an unrefined (crude) soya oil of good quality, which is regularly sold to refineries in Lusaka, and a small quantity of Full Fat Soya, which is available for sale.

The entire process is undertaken in a modern and well-organised facility, ensuring we are able to produce a quality product.

The process is carefully monitored to ensure the quality of the product we are producing.