Our goat breeding operation is overseen by a competent team, led by our livestock manager, who has over 30 years of experience in livestock breeding and husbandry. The breeding programme is one of the most recent additions to our agricultural operation and serves a dual purpose, benefitting both our operation by adding increased diversity and opportunities for our operation, while also providing superior genetics to local, small and medium scale goat breeders, through the sale of our young breeding stock into the local and national market.

We decided to select highly adaptable breeds, which perform well in terms of production, cross-breeding potential and hardiness. We currently breed pure, high quality Boer Goats, which complement our cross-breeding programme, in which we cross Boer Goat and Kalahari Red bucks onto local does. This project is seeing us improving the genetics and production capacity of the local goats, by adding vigour and improved characteristics, inherited from the quality Kalahari Red and Boer Goat bucks, we utilise. We are starting to see the fruits of our labour coming through, with many of our self-bred 2nd and 3rd generation cross animals starting to express their potential.

Our animals are managed in a rotational camp system, to ensure correct utilisation of both browsing and grazing, while reducing reliance on feeding, thus producing goats that are adaptable to many different farming systems and management methods.

The animals we are producing are perfectly adapted to the local climate and environment and are providing massive benefit to our own flocks and the flocks of many goat farmers in the district and further afield, who have invested in Mutanda Farms genetics. Our team monitors all aspects of the operation and can provide assurance of the highest standards being met, regarding our breeding practices and methods and the animals we produce.

We currently sell limited genetics from both our pure and cross breeding programmes and can confidently boast to the success our Mutanda Farms’ bred bucks are having in other flocks.

Our cross-breeding programme is vastly improving the quality of the offspring being produced by the local goat breed in our flocks. Increasing body-size, muscling and production capacity.
One of our young first generation Kalahari Red cross bucks. The improved characteristics inherited from the quality breeding bucks we utilise, are allowing these goats to outperform the standard local goat breed.
One of our Boer Goat breeding bucks standing amongst some of his pure and cross-bred offspring. These goats add size, muscling and capacity to their offspring and we are excited about their potential for further improvement moving forward.
A pair of young Boer goat twins, these young bucks will play a massive role in improving our flocks and the flocks of many other small and large scale goat farmers around us and in the country as a whole.
A 1st generation Kalahari Red Cross doe showing off!
By crossing her onto prime breeding bucks, we aim to continually improve our flocks, making available to the market, animals of superior genetic makeup, while also being phenotypically pleasing.
Our goats are housed in a modern camp system, allowing for improved management of both grazing and browsing, while ensuring the goats are well adapted to local conditions.
The benefits of adding new, superior bloodlines to our flocks has been clear to see and we are continually experimenting and adding new genetics, to ensure we produce the best possible goats for the market.
Our handling facilities are modern and well-maintained, reducing stress on our animals and ensuring their wellbeing.
We utilise only the best available Boer Goat does and bucks in our breeding programme, to ensure we are producing animals of superior quality going forward.