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Mutanda Farms’ prime, stud cattle are second to none in Zambia and we are proud to be continually expanding our herds, while exceeding industry quality standards in the process.

We carefully selected two top quality breeds, the Romagnola, a breed originating in Italy and the Santa Gertrudis, a breed renowned for its hardiness and production capability. The two breeds were selected for their excellent characteristics, their top quality beef, cross-breeding potential and, last but not least, their adaptability to North Western Zambia’s specific climate and environment.

We have made massive advances in our breeding practices and are producing animals of consistent quality and productivity. We are proud to see the animals and genetics we are producing on Mutanda Farms, making an impact on other herds in many regions of Zambia.

Our Romagnola herd is registered with the South African Studbook and we maintain a strong focus on breeding animals that conform to the latest global industry standards. We are passionate about consistently improving the genetics and animals we produce and are consistently introducing the best genetics available to the market, through our AI programme, where we have been able to introduce a range of superior genetics from the best breeders, worldwide.

We have also introduced a cross-breeding programme on Mutanda Farms are excited to see the results of this, benefitting our herds and the quality of our beef, well into the future.

Thanks to the diversity of our operation, we are able to grow and produce all of our animals’ feed requirements. Our arable land has capacity to grow a wide range of crops and pasture and amongst others, we grow a variety of grass species and maize, which we utilise for both silage and for feed production.

We are passionate about our animals welfare and maintain the highest standards in this respect. Our cattle are housed and managed in a modern facility, with onsite vets and a well trained team present, ensuring their wellbeing and improved productivity. Our animals can count on all year round availability of fresh, quality food and water.

We currently offer limited genetics to the market and are proud to offer cattle of high quality, which are adaptable and productive.

For more information or to enquire about Mutanda Farms’ genetics, please contact our livestock manager on : +260966992030

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Our sales team is available to assist you, should you be interested in our products, and thanks to a modern, advanced fleet of trucks, we are able to offer logistics solutions that can deliver products to your door!

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