Our wildlife reserve was established in late 2015, firstly with the vision of protecting and regenerating the magnificent flora of the area and secondly, the reintroduction and establishment of viable wildlife populations which had been exterminated from the area historically and face continued threat to their long term survival in other areas of the country.

Initially the reserve started as a small-scale conservation project undertaken in line with Mutanda Farms’ vision to make a meaningful contribution to conservation of both flora and fauna. In the years following its establishment, we have continued to expand and the reserve now covers 4500 hectares of magnificent and diverse Miombo woodlands, floodplains, scattered open woodland and swamp, interspersed by two perennial streams.

Complementing the diverse habitats present on the reserve, much has been done to re-establish viable populations of a wide range of wildlife species, with notable species present on the reserve being Cape Buffalo, Roan Antelope, Sable Antelope, Sitatunga, Tsessebe and Kafue Lechwe to name but a few. We have placed specific emphasis on boosting the numbers and genetic diversity of the Buffalo on the reserve and this has lead to significant investment in our Buffalo herds. To ensure we maximise the genetic spread and potential of the Buffalo we produce, we have sourced a wide range of animals from a number of areas, including the Kafue National Park and South Africa. We also place focus on the other species on the reserve and are committed to ensuring we conserve and breed with the best possible genetics, thus benefiting not only ourselves but other wildlife conservation areas around Zambia, by making available limited amounts of genetics bred on Mutanda Farms.

We currently breed intensively with Sable Antelope and Buffalo and are striving to consistently improve the quality of the animals we produce from both a genetic and phenotypic standpoint. By blending a diverse range of genetics, we are confident we will produce animals of phenomenal quality out of both of these breeding programmes. These animals are available to the market in limited quantity and we are confident of the positive impact Mutanda Farms bred animals would have on any herd.

We are proud members of the Wildlife Producers Association of Zambia (https://www.wpazambia.com) and are constantly evolving and looking to improve on our conservation effort, as we look forward to further securing the future of Zambia’s magnificent flora and fauna!

Our Buffalo population on the property is thriving and we are proud of the advances we have made in the relatively short time we have been conserving and breeding these magnficent animals.
We protect a very healthy population of Kafue Lechwe on the property, a species that is facing threats to its survival in its wilderness home on the Kafue Flats.
Kudu are another species that are thriving as a result of the protection provided on our property.
We are one of only a limited number of private wildlife areas to host a viable, breeding population of Roan Antelope.
Our general “plains game” populations are phenomenal on Mutanda Farms.
Thanks to the protection we provide to the habitats on the property, our conservation area is home to an astoundingly diverse array of birdlife, including the threaded African Skimmer.
North Western Zambia is renowned for its Sable Antelope quality and quantity, and on Mutanda Farms we are protecting a genetically diverse population of these magnficent antelope.
Our Buffalo originate out of a wide range of bloodlines, with the most prominent being the Southern Kafue bloodline. We have added a range of new genetics to include Sekula Island, Northern Kafue, East African, Addo and Kruger bloodlines to our herd, through the import of animals from South Africa along with animals being sourced from a capture undertaken by ourselves in the Busanga Plains of the Kafue National Park.
Wildife populations are thriving!
A young Buffalo bull with immense potential, originating from a wild capture undertaken in the Northern Kafue National Park.
These young Buffalo heifers are the future of our breeding programmes on Mutanda Farms and we are excited by the growth potential of our project.
The first Sable Antelope calf born in our intensive project, a young bull sired by our 47.5″ breeding bull and a wild caught Northern Kafue cow.
One of our young Buffalo bulls in the bull camp. Along with 14 other bulls, he was imported from South Africa in early 2018.
Crawshay’s Zebra.
Diverse and flourishing populations characterise our conservation area.
A couple of female Sitatunga on the edge of a swamp that abuts the main dam on the property. As one of the few custodians of this rare and unique, aquatic antelope, we are committed to ensuring the long term growth and sustainability of their population and habitat on our property.
One of the magnificent Sable bulls in our conservation area.

Stock Feeds

As a result of our determination to ensure we produce quality products for the market, we felt it was necessary to control as much of the production process as possible, to eliminate any risk or reliance on other suppliers to provide inputs that meet our stringent quality standards. As a result, Mutanda Farms produces a range of specially formulated stock feeds in-house, for use in our operations, this includes specialised layer feed, game feed and livestock feeds for cattle and goats.

Our feeds are specially formulated, taking into account the nutritional needs of the animals we are feeding, while also ensuring we are feeding them in an economical and productive manner. We utilise only the finest quality inputs and this reflects in the quality of the product we produce and provide to the market.

As our operations have grown, we have been able to test the quality of our feeds and have seen first hand, the difference the superior quality feeds have had on our animals’ productivity, fertility and conversion rates. These improvements and our belief in our products, has led to us offering the market small amounts of our stock feeds.

We currently provide feeds to a variety of customers including livestock farmers and game ranchers.

The different feeds have been received well and we are excited about growing this sector of our operation and making our stock feeds more available to the market on a national scale.

Our feeds are produced in a modern facility, utilising modern equipment, advanced practices and only the best inputs to ensure we provide a product of superior quality.
We utilise the stock feeds produced in our facility, in all of our own operations and are able to guarantee the quality and benefit of the feeds to the animals they are feeding.



Our goat breeding operation is overseen by a competent team, led by our livestock manager, who has over 30 years of experience in livestock breeding and husbandry. The breeding programme is one of the most recent additions to our agricultural operation and serves a dual purpose, benefitting both our operation by adding increased diversity and opportunities for our operation, while also providing superior genetics to local, small and medium scale goat breeders, through the sale of our young breeding stock into the local and national market.

We decided to select highly adaptable breeds, which perform well in terms of production, cross-breeding potential and hardiness. We currently breed pure, high quality Boer Goats, which complement our cross-breeding programme, in which we cross Boer Goat and Kalahari Red bucks onto local does. This project is seeing us improving the genetics and production capacity of the local goats, by adding vigour and improved characteristics, inherited from the quality Kalahari Red and Boer Goat bucks, we utilise. We are starting to see the fruits of our labour coming through, with many of our self-bred 2nd and 3rd generation cross animals starting to express their potential.

Our animals are managed in a rotational camp system, to ensure correct utilisation of both browsing and grazing, while reducing reliance on feeding, thus producing goats that are adaptable to many different farming systems and management methods.

The animals we are producing are perfectly adapted to the local climate and environment and are providing massive benefit to our own flocks and the flocks of many goat farmers in the district and further afield, who have invested in Mutanda Farms genetics. Our team monitors all aspects of the operation and can provide assurance of the highest standards being met, regarding our breeding practices and methods and the animals we produce.

We currently sell limited genetics from both our pure and cross breeding programmes and can confidently boast to the success our Mutanda Farms’ bred bucks are having in other flocks.

Our cross-breeding programme is vastly improving the quality of the offspring being produced by the local goat breed in our flocks. Increasing body-size, muscling and production capacity.
One of our young first generation Kalahari Red cross bucks. The improved characteristics inherited from the quality breeding bucks we utilise, are allowing these goats to outperform the standard local goat breed.
One of our Boer Goat breeding bucks standing amongst some of his pure and cross-bred offspring. These goats add size, muscling and capacity to their offspring and we are excited about their potential for further improvement moving forward.
A pair of young Boer goat twins, these young bucks will play a massive role in improving our flocks and the flocks of many other small and large scale goat farmers around us and in the country as a whole.
A 1st generation Kalahari Red Cross doe showing off!
By crossing her onto prime breeding bucks, we aim to continually improve our flocks, making available to the market, animals of superior genetic makeup, while also being phenotypically pleasing.
Our goats are housed in a modern camp system, allowing for improved management of both grazing and browsing, while ensuring the goats are well adapted to local conditions.
The benefits of adding new, superior bloodlines to our flocks has been clear to see and we are continually experimenting and adding new genetics, to ensure we produce the best possible goats for the market.
Our handling facilities are modern and well-maintained, reducing stress on our animals and ensuring their wellbeing.
We utilise only the best available Boer Goat does and bucks in our breeding programme, to ensure we are producing animals of superior quality going forward.


Romagnola bull

Mutanda Farms’ prime, stud cattle are second to none in Zambia and we are proud to be continually expanding our herds, while exceeding industry quality standards in the process.

We carefully selected two top quality breeds, the Romagnola, a breed originating in Italy and the Santa Gertrudis, a breed renowned for its hardiness and production capability. The two breeds were selected for their excellent characteristics, their top quality beef, cross-breeding potential and, last but not least, their adaptability to North Western Zambia’s specific climate and environment.

We have made massive advances in our breeding practices and are producing animals of consistent quality and productivity. We are proud to see the animals and genetics we are producing on Mutanda Farms, making an impact on other herds in many regions of Zambia.

Our Romagnola herd is registered with the South African Studbook and we maintain a strong focus on breeding animals that conform to the latest global industry standards. We are passionate about consistently improving the genetics and animals we produce and are consistently introducing the best genetics available to the market, through our AI programme, where we have been able to introduce a range of superior genetics from the best breeders, worldwide.

We have also introduced a cross-breeding programme on Mutanda Farms are excited to see the results of this, benefitting our herds and the quality of our beef, well into the future.

Thanks to the diversity of our operation, we are able to grow and produce all of our animals’ feed requirements. Our arable land has capacity to grow a wide range of crops and pasture and amongst others, we grow a variety of grass species and maize, which we utilise for both silage and for feed production.

We are passionate about our animals welfare and maintain the highest standards in this respect. Our cattle are housed and managed in a modern facility, with onsite vets and a well trained team present, ensuring their wellbeing and improved productivity. Our animals can count on all year round availability of fresh, quality food and water.

We currently offer limited genetics to the market and are proud to offer cattle of high quality, which are adaptable and productive.

For more information or to enquire about Mutanda Farms’ genetics, please contact our livestock manager on : +260966992030

Our Romagnola herd was imported from South Africa, and we utilise genetics from a range of top breeders, worldwide, through our AI programme.
Our cross-breeding programme is producing hardy animals with good production capacity. We are currently utilising stud Romagnola bulls on our Santa Gertudis herds’ and have recently expanded this onto a Romagnola x Boran project, which is in its infancy.
We are proud to make a number of high-quality stud and commercial bulls available to the market on an annual basis. We have found the Romagnola to be a fantastic breed, to cross onto breeds that require increased muscling and improved beef quality.
Our herds are for the most part grass-fed and we aim to breed adaptable animals, which are productive and fertile. Our Santa Gertrudis herds originate from top breeders in South Africa and play an integral role in our cross-breeding programme.
We feed our cattle on pasture for the most part and grow our own pastures and maize for silage. By utilising land under irrigation, we are able to provide fresh pasture year-round.
We manage our cattle in a modern facility and have vets onsite 24/7, ensuring their well-being and maximising their productivity.
A Romagnola X Santa Gertrudis steer produced on Mutanda Farms. The cross shows fantastic production potential.

Maize Bran and Soya Cake

Maize Bran

The maize bran produced by Mutanda Milling, is a good quality by-product of our maize meal preparation. Quality is guaranteed by the prime maize utilised in the production process, along with the high standard of our milling plant and by the vast experience of our millers. Our Maize Bran is produced daily and it generally remains in stock for no more than 3 or 4 days, assuring freshness and preventing contamination. It is largely used internally for the production of our stock feeds, but our current production allows us a discrete over-production, that can be made available to the market.

Our major customers include a variety of organisations, including dairy farmers and game ranchers, based in different regions of Zambia.

Low Fat Soya

In order to better control the quality of the Low Fat Soya used in our feeds, we decided, a couple of years ago, to internalise the process of mechanical extraction of the oil from our locally sourced soya beans. 

The decision proved to be winning one and the Low Fat Soya (LFS – ME) produced is of excellent quality and always fresh. 

As a by-product, we are currently also producing an unrefined (crude) soya oil of good quality, which is regularly sold to refineries in Lusaka, and a small quantity of Full Fat Soya, which is available for sale.

The entire process is undertaken in a modern and well-organised facility, ensuring we are able to produce a quality product.

The process is carefully monitored to ensure the quality of the product we are producing.

Chickens – Spent Layers

Chickens - Ex layers

Toward the end of their laying life our chickens are offered on the local markets in Solwezi and in other locations around the Kalumbila district.

We grow our chickens from day-old, in order to guarantee their good health and correct development. They are subject to consistent, rigorous checks and their health status is evaluated on a daily basis, to ensure that any potential issue is dealt with, without delay. These measures along with the fact that they are fed on feed produced in-house with the finest, carefully selected, fresh raw materials, ensures the birds we offer to the market are healthy and offer a fantastic alternative protein source, at a very reasonable cost.

Our layers are sold to the market at the end of their laying life.

Maize Meal – Breakfast

Mealie Meal

Mutanda Milling Ltd produces Breakfast meal of an industry leading, high standard.

Our product is well known all over Zambia and is mainly distributed in the Copperbelt and North Western provinces of Zambia. Thanks to our well-maintained modern fleet of trucks, we are able to deliver the product in a timely manner, to ensure maximum freshness for our customers.

We currently have a selection of 25kg and 10kg bags to suit our customers needs and we ensure the utmost is done to maintain the quality of our product, from production to delivery.

Our maize is carefully selected and sourced locally, when not produced in house. Our purchasing strategy ensures we have access to maize of the highest quality and this combined with our advanced storage, production equipment and processes and distribution, ensures we provide our customers with the finest quality breakfast meal on the market.

We operate in a well organised, modern and hygienic environment and ensure we are consistently compliant with the standards and requirements of both the ZCSA (Zambia Compulsory Standard Authority) and the ZABS (Zambia Bureau of Standards).

Our breakfast meal is of the highest quality and we are proud of our offering to the market!

Our maize is sourced both in-house and from local farmers. To ensure our quality standards are met, we utilise an advanced procurement strategy and only purchase the best quality maize available.
Our maize is stored carefully to ensure quality and freshness in the final product.
Meticulous record keeping and advanced production techniques ensure the quality and freshness of our product.
Our packaging is distinctive and of the highest quality, ensuring our quality product reaches our customers fresh.
Our maize is distributed country-wide by a modern fleet of trucks.


Laying cages

Our poultry division is centred around the production of high-quality eggs.

With daily production exceeding 180 000 eggs currently, Mutanda Farms is one of Zambia’s largest producers and by utilising industry leading technology and a progressive, modern approach, we are producing eggs of the highest standard. The quality and freshness of our eggs is widely recognised and attracts customers and resellers, from all around the country.

In order to guarantee full control of the quality of our product, Mutanda Farms sources the best possible raw materials, which are utilised to produce our feeds, all in house. Two of the major components of our feeds are maize bran and low-fat soya. Our maize bran, which is produced in house, as a by-product of our maize meal production, originates from rigorously selected, locally sourced or internally produced, maize, while the low-fat soya we utilise, is mechanically extracted in our soya plant and comes from locally produced and sourced, high quality beans.

We employ a skilled team, led by qualified professionals, which guarantees us above average production performance and a quality product for our customers and the end consumer. We are constantly evolving to improve our products and performance and utilise the knowledge and expertise of a number of internationally acclaimed advisors to improve our product quality and on-farm productivity, while also limiting the potential negative impacts of disease and negative fluctuations in our production.

We pride ourselves on maintaining strong bio-security and safety in our operations, and maintain a strong record in both aspects. We place a great deal of attention on continually improving our bio-security measures and this has allowed us to ensure we are producing eggs of the highest quality and freshness, whilst maintaining the health and wellbeing of our chickens.

Our eggs are marketed and distributed under the King Eggs brand and are currently available throughout the majority of the North-Western and Copperbelt provinces of Zambia.

One of our climate-controlled rearing houses.m By putting in place stringent controls and monitoring the growth and efficiency of our birds, we are ensuring we produce only the best possible products.
We are focused on ensuring the health and wellbeing of our flocks, to maximise their production potential and the quality of the eggs they produce.
We aim to produce eggs of good uniformity and quality, which conform to the highest industry standards.
Our well-skilled team is led by qualified, industry leading professionals, and we are proud of the contribution they make to producing the highest quality products for our customers.
Careful handling and packaging of our eggs, combined with an effective logistics division, ensures we provide our customers with quality eggs, across the region.
We maintain well-kept records and ensure only the freshest eggs are distributed from our main distribution facility on Mutanda Farms.
To ensure the utmost customer service and safe delivery of our products, our logistics division operates modern vehicles, to ensure our products reach their destination fresh and in good time.