Maize Meal – Breakfast

Mealie Meal

Mutanda Milling Ltd produces Breakfast meal of an industry leading, high standard.

Our product is well known all over Zambia and is mainly distributed in the Copperbelt and North Western provinces of Zambia. Thanks to our well-maintained modern fleet of trucks, we are able to deliver the product in a timely manner, to ensure maximum freshness for our customers.

We currently have a selection of 25kg and 10kg bags to suit our customers needs and we ensure the utmost is done to maintain the quality of our product, from production to delivery.

Our maize is carefully selected and sourced locally, when not produced in house. Our purchasing strategy ensures we have access to maize of the highest quality and this combined with our advanced storage, production equipment and processes and distribution, ensures we provide our customers with the finest quality breakfast meal on the market.

We operate in a well organised, modern and hygienic environment and ensure we are consistently compliant with the standards and requirements of both the ZCSA (Zambia Compulsory Standard Authority) and the ZABS (Zambia Bureau of Standards).

Our breakfast meal is of the highest quality and we are proud of our offering to the market!

Our maize is sourced both in-house and from local farmers. To ensure our quality standards are met, we utilise an advanced procurement strategy and only purchase the best quality maize available.
Our maize is stored carefully to ensure quality and freshness in the final product.
Meticulous record keeping and advanced production techniques ensure the quality and freshness of our product.
Our packaging is distinctive and of the highest quality, ensuring our quality product reaches our customers fresh.
Our maize is distributed country-wide by a modern fleet of trucks.