Our Story

Founded in 2014, Mutanda Farms has grown quickly to become widely renowned and recognised as an industry leader in the agricultural field. We are continually expanding and improving and look forward to future growth and expansion.

The project began with the acquisition of virgin land in a rural setting, roughly 50 kilometres west of the town of Solwezi. Building on previous experience, it was decided that the operation would maintain a strong focus on the poultry sector, in particular egg production and distribution, while continually expanding with interests in maize meal production and distribution, livestock, arable, stock feeds, feed inputs and wildlife conservation and selective breeding.

Today, the farm has grown to encompass 5000 hectares of magnificent land, characterised by central Zambezian Miombo-woodlands and sandy-loam soils, which houses our different agricultural based operations. Our core focus is on egg and maize meal production and this is complemented by our livestock, arable, stock-feed and wildlife divisions, which contribute to the strong diversity and adaptability of our overall operation.

Our operations are led by a team of qualified industry professionals, who are passionate about transferring their knowledge to the rest of our workforce, ensuring we have a strong and knowledgeable team in place, capable of working towards a common goal.

We are also passionate about ensuring our operations benefit the communities around us and further afield. When we began operations in the area, one of our priorities was ensuring the communities could see a visible, tangible benefit to our presence and this led to the construction of a modern, three -classroom block at one of the local schools, outfitted with computers and desks along with other teaching supplies and uniforms.
Apart from providing many jobs to the local communities directly surrounding our operation, we are supporting the growth of agriculture locally through the purchase of large amounts of maize and soya beans on an annual basis, this stimulates the local economy and encourages increased focus on agriculture and its associated benefits. Further to our other commitments, we realised a couple of years ago, the benefit that improved livestock husbandry and genetics could have on the small-scale farmers surrounding us. With this in mind we imported top quality breeding stock from South Africa and instituted a goat breeding project, to allow for increased access to superior genetics for local farmers and have also trained many of the buyers of our genetics on best practice and improved methods. These projects are sure to yield improved results for the communities and small-scale farmers surrounding us and we are committed to ensuring long-term growth and improvements to the communities surrounding us.

We are excited about what the future holds for Mutanda Farms and our team and are looking forward to watching our operation grow and benefit the Zambian agricultural sector and her people!